For quite some time now, Charles Johnson has been pointing out the ubiquitous appearance of Baby Wipes in practically every photo of Yassir Arafat. Well, I think I know what they're for: to wipe the mouths of those sycophants who, when they aren't facing a camera offering lame justifications for the murderous ramages perpetrated by palestinians, are, shall we say, sipping from the font of Arafat's posterior.

Case in point: Edward Abington, who must go through a box of Wipes daily, was just on Fox News commenting on the bombing of a Hebrew University cafeteria in which, so far, 7 are known to be dead and dozens, including American students, injured. Abington's first response:

It's a terrible event, obviously, but it's entirely predictable.

OK, and the reason for this, of course, is that Israel, for no reason at all, assassinates innocent palestinian terrorist masterminds. Here's the "cycle of violence," according to Edward Abington:

Israel assassinates someone, and then Hamas retaliates.

Notice the sequence. Nothing precedes these assassinations. They're just Israel's idea of an interesting way to spend an afternoon. And then, of course, there must be a response to such an outrageous act, such lack of concern for human life, such arbitrary violence as the extermination of a mass murderer. So a bunch of college students get blown to smithereens while they're eating lunch.

According to Abington, it's all Sharon's fault (although he doesn't really believe that we should be assigning blame here). Arafat, after all, has been making a total good faith, 1000% effort to stop the killing of Israeli civilians. The Israelis just won't give him a chance to make it work. So they shouldn't be surprised when "things like this" happen. And guess what? If Israel has the bad sense to retaliate for this bombing in any way, it will happen again. So says Edward Abington.

I just got back from vacation. I'm so mad I can't hit the right keys. I should probably take a walk around the block before publishing this. But I think I won't bother. It wouldn't help.

A few weeks ago, Meryl suggested politely that anti-Semites should "Eat shit and die." To Edward Abington, I say, you're obviously halfway there. Why stop now?

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