Egypt's Mufti has changed his mind about 9/11


Mufti Al-Tayyeb: "All the Muslims, and the Arab world, rejected and condemned the event, because they wouldn't want it to happen to them, so they don't want it to happen to others. We say this because Islam prohibits such attacks on peaceful civilians. But the truth is that our feelings have changed somewhat, or considerably, because we have discovered that the American administration used this event [i.e. September 11] as a pretext to cause damage, killing, and exile throughout the entire Islamic world – and I refer primarily to Afghanistan and Palestine. Today, we still read in the Western [newspapers] that the perpetrator [of the September 11 attacks] cannot be determined with certainty, yet it was claimed from the first moment that Osama bin Laden was responsible!"

MEMRI has the lowlights of Al-Tayyeb's July 15 interview [Arabic] with the Egyptian Islamic website

Sheikh Al-Tayyeb is, of course, one of those leading Egyptian clerics who have recently endorsed suicide bombings. And the rest of the interview is also fascinating, with subject lines such as: "Israelis Might Have Done It," "What the Palestinians Do Is Not a Crime" and, my favorite, "On Freedom, Women's Rights and Art."

From the mouth of the Mufti of Egypt, another of our "partners in peace."

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