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Oh, my, another one. Discovered accidentally on N.Z. Bear's Ecosystem. Well, if I was excited by finding that Bruce Sterling had a blog, I was just about blown away on discovering William Gibson's.

The problem is, though, that as much as I enjoy both of these guys in print, their blogs are just a wee bit, well, artistic is one word but, especially in Gibson's case, promotional might be another. Add this to the other (sadly predictable) quasi-bogus-SF letdown of the day -- the miserably anti-climactic almost-conclusion of the (yawn) 8march2003 saga and, well, I've slipped into one of my cynical modes.

So tonight may not have been the best night to finally watch LOTR (FOTR) for the first time. Actually, I only made it through the first half, but I'll get to the rest tomorrow. Plus, in another example of spectacularly bad timing, I just got around to finally seeing The Matrix over the weekend. Well, I wanted to wait until the sequel was almost ready (that's a fib) and I didn't study the cast listings beforehand (that's true).

Anyway, Agent Smith as Elrond isn't working for me. In addition to which, I was warned that the movie needs a big screen, and someone is about to tell me she told me so. Yeah, ok, I never doubted it. I don't like movie theaters much any more, though. I'm beginning to get the feeling there might be a brand new HD TV somewhere in my (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Hmmm. Maybe I should reconsider putting up a tip-jar.

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