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Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Tell a lie often enough, ... We all know the tactics, but sometimes we just get worn down. In today's anti-Israel propaganda war, one of the crucial battles is being fought on the front of terminology. And the Israel bashers are winning big time. Why is that? Well, mostly because they've managed to change the language of the discussion, loading it up with expressions that carry baggage, that assume as concluded the argument being made. Once the media mindlessly adopts the memes, it just gets too hard to constantly contradict them. We start to give up and go with the flow. Whether it's referring to Arafat's terror war as an "intifada" or conceding the term "Palestinian" to refer exclusively to Arabs or describing Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights as "occupied" (rather than "disputed") territories, we allow ourselves, inadvertently, to repeat the progaganda even as we work to refute it.

No one has fought harder against this trend, at least with respect to the "occupied territories" misnomer, than Ocean Guy. And last week he got involved in and posted on a classic example of the extent to which the propaganda has permeated our discourse. The fact that Israel's enemies use and abuse this terminology isn't surprising and we're not going to change that. It's one of their most effective weapons and they aren't going to surrender it. The problem is the people who "have no dog in the fight," who truly are looking for answers and explanations, and who readily admit they don't have the information to even know when they're being gaslighted.

So please follow the links to the essays here and here, and pay special attention to the comments posted by OG and Richard Baehr. We are all in need of at least a refresher course in the valuable history and factual background that these guys provide -- history and background that few people seem to remember any more because there are precious few sources to remind them.

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