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So Solomonia has now, alas, gone on hiatus.  Hopefully, it won't be for too long.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, there are a few acknowledgments I would like to make.

When InContext's former hosting service disappeared without warning, Martin rescued what pitiful back-up I had and in combination with what I was able to recover from Google's cache, fully restored and updated my data files.  And that alone would have been enough to earn my undying gratitude.

But he then graciously allowed me to park on his domain for many months and provided encouragement while I dithered over what to do with the blog.  And that would have much more than enough.

And when I finally made the move, Martin patiently helped me get the blog up and running at this domain, and has been there for me with tips and support ever since.  And that would have been way beyond enough.

But throughout it all he has also, at Solomonia, provided in a great format and from a unique perspective so many important posts and worthy blogfodder that, well, I'll miss my daily dose a lot.

Here's wishing Martin a rewarding and fruitful time off and a speedy return.  And many thanks for all the great stuff.

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