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Twisted ends

This (via IMRA) is a lot like one of those Escher drawings in which down is also up.  And also flat.  It gives me a similar feeling of vertigo.  Without the benefits.

RAMALLAH, May 2, 2012 (WAFA) - Twenty Palestinian unions, including the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS), called Wednesday for a boycott of a reception organized by the US consulate in Jerusalem to be held in Ramallah on Thursday on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, according to a statement issued by the unions.

They said the call came "to protest US policies toward our national issues, particularly the issue of the prisoners and freedom of the Palestinian press in light of a rise in criminal Israeli belligerence against journalists without hearing one word of condemnation by the US Administration or its representatives."

Escher's magnificent manipulations of space allow the imagination to soar.  And they open the mind to view reality from a different perspective.  Or several.  They don't distort it to serve twisted and narrow political narratives. 

"News" isn't supposed to imitate art.  At least not in that way.

There is NO freedom of the "Palestinian press," as has been extensively and courageously documented by some, but especially by one of their own, Khaled Abu Toameh, who for decades has continuously risked ... well, everything ... to bring this truth to light.

It's true that the current US administration has utterly failed to issue one word of condemnation of the atrocious violations of freedom of the "Palestinian press."  But that, of course, isn't what WAFA, being an enslaved arm of the PA, was referring to.

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