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Blunder bus

The Times of Israel reports:

A former top Foreign Ministry official has endorsed South Africa's plan to ban "Made in Israel" labels for imported products from the West Bank, protesting what he calls Israeli complacency about the occupation.

Alon Liel, a former Foreign Ministry director-general and ex-ambassador to South Africa, told The Times of Israel that he also personally boycotts products from West Bank settlements and supports cultural boycotts of Israel to protest the lack of progress in the peace process.

Liel said his stance, which includes supporting author Alice Walker's refusal to have her book "The Color Purple" translated into Hebrew, also aims to call attention to the urgent need for Jerusalem to ensure the near future brings "Palestinian independence, not an Israeli apartheid state."

Good for him.  This is what's great about a true democracy.  Idiots like Liel are equally free to spew their delusional narratives along with people who actually ... think.  Liel has a track record, some of which is exposed here.  Yes, he served as Director of the Foreign Ministry (his credential in this article) for five months during the tail end of Ehud Barak's tenure as Prime Minister (which seems to have marked the demise of Liel's political career).  He's also, according to his CV, "founder and the chairman of the Israel-Syria Peace Society." 

'Nuff said.

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