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Top five reasons to confirm Hagel

In the spirit of the day after Purim (or in some places, the day of) ...

Here are my top five reasons why Chuck Hagel should be confirmed as Secretary of Defense by the U.S. Senate:

#5  Military experience!!!!!

#4  What Obama wants, Obama gets.  Or else.

#3  He'll keep those uppity neocons Jews in their place.

#2  What difference at this point does it make if Iran gets the bomb?

And the #1 reason ...

...  Every country needs a SecDef who perpetually looks like he's just been dragged out of bed after a long night of heavy partying.

On a more serious note, everyone should read Barry Rubin's column "Why It's in Everyone's Interests that the Hagel Nomination be Defeated."  It most definitely is.  And it most certainly won't be.  A pity.

The return of Soccer Dad!

William Jacobson welcomes David Gerstman (formerly a/k/a Soccer Dad) to Legal Insurrection!

It's a really good day for the blogosphere.  While I've greatly appreciated David's Mideast Media Samplers for the past few years it's going to be great to have him back on a blog.

A great light extinguished

I refuse to indulge in traditional conciliatory phrases of comfort.  He was my teacher and I revered him as such.  Nobody who studied with him came away unchanged.  All were uplifted.  May his memory and his teachings continue as a great blessing for all of us.

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